I’m a systems analyst and besides that I’m a student of licenciate in Nutrition at the faculty of Medicine of Argentina.

Know more about me!

I’m a systems analyst and besides that I’m a student of licenciate in Nutrition at the faculty of Medicine of Argentina.

I’m very passionate about teaching and learning languages. I have studied English, French, Italian and Portuguese and I know some words in Turkish as well, so that after years of studying these languages, I have decided to teach my mother tongue.

I have taught students from all over the world, from beginners to advanced.  I have helped develop, improve, strengthen and refine my students’ abilities in the Spanish language. 

My classes are productive and dynamic. I like to use a variety of resources and interactive materials online.  These are exactly centered on specific objectives for the student and what he or she needs in the process of learning.


I am an electromechanics expert specialized in goods and services.  Additionally, I’m also a chief operator of flight DAE (licensed and certified globally).  Moreover, I’m a service operator of airport apron. (Licensed and certified globally for CACI).

Know more about me!

Teaching simple and practical vocabulary is one of my objective principles so that the student would be able to build up skills necessary for daily life, business  purpose or whatever situation he/she may encounter. Specially when you have to communicate while traveling or working.  I am passionate about teaching Spanish language with clear, practical enforcement without losing objective visions and needs of students.

I enforce conversation in teaching but I take purpose of learning of each student into account, so I adapt a plan that meets their needs.

If you want to learn Spanish as a second language, for business purpose or simply want to communicate effectively while traveling a Spanish speaking country,  I can guarantee that I’ll be able to help you to achieve your goal.


In our classes we mainly use the communicative method. Our main objective is to offer the necessary means for the student to be able to manage with fluency and comfort in Spanish. The classes are very interactive, participative and dynamic. We put into practice communicative lessons, with dynamic activities that promote interaction and participation of the students, which ensures their active involvement and promotes rapid progress. After each class the student will receive a summary of the lesson and some advice. In addition, we offer final reports that evaluate progress and achievement of objectives and include suggestions for each student.

Personalised curriculum: The classes are tailored to each student’s abilities, needs and interests. They are perfect for students who want to go at their own pace. These classes will allow you to learn quickly and effectively, increasing fluency in conversation, acquiring new content and expanding vocabulary. Your level of Spanish will improve dramatically every day.

Adapted material: Google Drive is used so that we can prepare customised lessons and provide good organisation. This makes the task of studying just a little more simple. We use resources (such as internet material, graphics, infographics, audios, videos, songs and much more) that are adapted to the student. In addition, homework created by us is set so that you can put into practice what was learned in class.